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Our physicians performed the first documented Laser treatment of Varicose Veins in the country on 6th January 2003 at Jaslok Hospital. Thousands of our patients have benefitted from non surgical methods of treatment of Varicose veins, using various techniques such as Laser, Radiofrequency ablation and Foam Sclerotherapy. Patients from all over India and from over 30 countries have visited Doctor House Vein Care Centre for valuable expert opinion on Varicose veins, and treatment. At our center, each patient undergoes a thorough evaluation for his/her vein condition, including a detailed clinical evaluation followed by Ultrasound tests, and other advanced examinations if required. The proposed method of treatment is individualized for each patient, as many patients will need conservative methods of management, including medications and compression stockings. Those with advanced or painful disease are given the option of opting for advanced therapy. Our assistant doctors and nurses( male and female) help in following up and managing our patients after treatment procedures are completed. Our team is accredited with leading hospitals such as the Jaslok Hospital and the Apollo Hospitals, wherein patients can be admitted for treatment if necessary.

Chief Consultant

Dr Shoaib Padaria, MD DM, a Senior Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, who has been in charge of Department of Peripheral Vascular Interventions at Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai since 1991.

After his post graduation from the KEM Hospital in Mumbai, he was further trained in Cardiac and Vascular Interventions in UK and USA. With a vast experience in treatment of arterial and venous diseases, he popularized the Endovenous ablation of Varicose veins in the country.

He is one of the founders of the Venous Association of India and its Past President. He is also the former Vice President of the Asian Venous Forum, and has delivered Invited lectures and Orations both at National and International levels.

He has been honored by being named as the International Advisory member for the American College of Phlebology. He is the Specialist in Vein diseases for the Governing Council of the Association of Physicians of India.

National Advisory Board

1. Dr Ravul Jindal, MS FRCS, is a Senior Vascular Surgeon, and Chief of the Department of Vascular Surgery of Fortis Hospital, Mohali. With a large experience in both arterial and venous disorders, Dr Jindal is one of the leading Vascular Specialists in North India. He is currently the President of the Venous Association of India

2. Dr Ramakrishna Pinjala, MS, is Professor of Vascular Surgery and Head of the Department of Vascular Surgery of the Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad. A renowned leader in the Vascular field, he has been the Past President of the Venous Association of India and the Vascular Society of India.

International Advisory Board

1. Dr Mark Malouf, MBBS FRACS FRCS, is a renowned Vascular Surgeon specializing in Varicose veins treatment, and practicing in Sydney, Australia. He is an authority on Varicose veins management, and has held leading positions in Vascular Societies in Australia and in the International Union of Phlebology. With many publications to his credit, he is an authority on management of complex venous diseases.

Ultrasound Team

1. Dr Vijay Chawda : MBBS, MD. He is a senior Radiologist, with a special interest in Venous Doppler examinations. Since 1991, he has performed many thousand venous Doppler ultrasound examinations for Varicose veins, and has mastered this difficult examination.

2. Dr Ashita Janani : MBBS, MD. She is a senior Radiologist, an expert in ultrasound evaluation of venous diseases.

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